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Safe and Efficient

This microfiber towel is equipped with antibacterial technology that automatically restricts mould and bacteria growth. The skin-friendly towel is free from harsh chemicals and hypoallergenic, making them a perfect choice for everyone. The high-quality cooling towel is specially designed for regular use and is going to be your long term, fitness partner.

Extra Absorbent

The quick dry towel can hold about 4 times more water than their weight, making them super functional. The sports towel dries ten times faster than the traditional towels, preventing the horrible sweat odour. Use the sweat towel as a gym towel, game towel, golf towel, swimming towel, travel towel, camping towel, or however you need them.

Portable and Compact

Our towels weigh almost 5 times less than a regular towel, which makes it a preferred choice for professionals. It comes with a strong but easy to carry case that can easily fit into your gym bag, travel bag, sports bag, swimming bag, etc. The solid EVA case also keeps your towel protected and prevents it from getting wet.

Comfortable To Use

The lightweight travel towel is super soft and comfortable that wearing it around your neck you won't even feel like having anything extra on you. Don't rub rather pat the silky soft towel on your skin for best results. The snap fastener helps you to hang the hand towel for drying as well as to pack it along conveniently.

Wide Variety

Our towel set is available in 3 size options; small, medium and large, so that you can choose the one that suits your requirements. The hand towels come in 5 beautiful colours to give you a vibrant variety to choose from. Order the one that you like or get one of all colours to have a complete variety to go with all your sports outfits.



Sprint™ is a UK-based company founded in 2019 with an aim to help our customers get rid of heavy towels. Our deep knowledge of the market requirements and products enables us to excel in this field. With a great team of expert professionals, we thrive to provide premium quality products at valuable prices.

We consider it our responsibility to produce products that have minimum impact on the environment.

Customer satisfaction is our priority therefore, we try to take care of them with
our efficient customer service. Whether you are a regular customer or considering our services for the first time, our team will treat you with care and dedication. If you have any complaints or queries
you can always contact us.